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An important message from our Commander-in-Chief

Earlier today our Commander-in-Chief Stephen Trail met with key advisers in the Nu-Tank war room to discuss the impact of COVID-19. We’re not going to drag this out and leave you wondering how we are responding to this unprecedented global phenomenon. We’ve pushed the button, today, and the plan of attack is simple –  it’s business as usual.

How are we going to do this? Getting through a disaster isn’t new to us. We’ve implemented new health and safety measures to ensure our employees and customers are not at risk. We’re a second generation family business that’s experienced the good times and bad. Being Australian owned and Australian made, our people (and products) are built to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. Difficult times is what we’re used to and helping our customers get through them is what we always do!

Self isolation and access to limited supplies is the typical life for most of our customers. Even in a drought, which by the way we’re still in, agriculture and farming continues. Australia has one of the best food production systems in the world. 85,000 farms produce enough food to feed 75 Million people.

Nu-Tank has enough stock and materials for the foreseeable future. With more trucks on the road, and new machinery being installed, we can manufacture and deliver quicker. We’re still designing and creating new products and improving our existing range. We’ve also got new marketing campaigns in the pipeline which will save you money.

To all the farmers out there that have self isolated as a way of living, we’re incredibly proud and thankful of you for putting safe, nutritious and affordable food on our tables everyday.

We’re all in this together and Nu-Tank is with you all the way. #itstartswithag