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Australia’s first right here in Parkhurst

Recently I was the invited to Nu-Tank, in the Parkhurst Industrial Estate, on the outskirts of North Rockhampton to watch the installation of their new ‘A’ shaped overhead crane, with a rise in the middle, first of its kind in Australia.

At 30 metres in length it is fitted with 2×5 tonne hoists and custom cooling fans.

Weighing 13 tonnes, it was a 2-crane job moving the overhead crane off the semi-trailer and into the shed, behind Nu-Tank’s office.

The overhead crane had to be millimetre specially engineered to move over Nu-Tanks rather unique tank making machine, unique in that I learnt, there are only 3 of them in Australia and Nu-Tank was the first in Queensland to install one.

Their new tank making machine compliments an existing but smaller machine, making Nu-Tank one of, if not the only poly tank manufacturer in Australia to have both machines at the one site. The larger machine enables Nu-Tank to ‘cook’ their tanks, including their big 10,200 gallon water and molasses tanks, in a computer controlled oven. Why the big deal about cooking in an oven? To my surprise I found out most other tank manufacturers make their largest tanks over an open flame pit, bit like camp cooking. And you know what happens with camp cooking if you don’t evenly distribute the heat, the walls of your damper are either burnt or soft, something you don’t want when holding 10,200 gallons (nearly 46,000 litres) of that most precious liquid asset – water.

It was not just the big 10 twos’, as they are called in the trade, that can be made in the new oven, but transport tanks, including Australia’s biggest single moulded transport tank, able to hold a massive 18000 litres. “This is a market we want to get a bigger slice of”, say’s Nu-Tank Managing Director, Stephen Trail. Transport tanks are used by many industries, including rural, mining and civil construction. Local Councils being a major transport tank customer.

“Our challenge is to get the decision makers in these industries, including at the Rockhampton Regional Council, to start buying the locally manufactured transport tanks not southern ones”, said Steve. “We have made the significant investment to be able to supply a superior product that can hold 400 litres all the way up to 18,000 litres and they are all produced, along with our tanks, feeders and trough’s, here at our Parkhurst factory. We deliver tanks throughout Queensland, but with the investment we have made in our latest tank making machine and overhead crane we have the capacity to produce more tanks and create more jobs”, added Steve.

To think Rockhampton has one of the biggest most modern tank manufacturing plants in Australia was certainly an eye opener to me. Here is a local owned business that has been steadily growing since it started in Parkhurst 12 years ago, investing back into its business, including its people, manufacturing arguably the best poly tanks in the world, using a rather simple formula of using only the world’s best raw materials and machines.

Nu-Tank’s ‘A’ shaped overhead crane, with a rise, is the first of its kind in Australia.

Gert Burger from NQ Cranes with Nu-Tank’s Stephen Trail.