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Happy Birthday Sale


30th September, 2008 was the day the first water tank came out of the Nu-Tank oven.
On Thursday 30 September, 13 years to the day, Nu-Tank celebrates with a one day mystery birthday offer.
This once-off mystery 13th birthday offer will be revealed to all Nu-Tank VIP Program members on Wednesday 29th September 2021.
Not a member, apply online below. There is 13 very good reasons to join.

What do you have to do to become a Nu-Tank VIP?

If you’ve already bought from us and supplied us with your email address, you’re already a Nu-Tank VIP. If you want to sign-up now just provide us with your details below.

What the Nu-Tank VIP program isn’t.

We’re not going to send you annoying emails every week because we’ve got better things to do like develop new products and explore new technologies. It’s not an easy task being one of the industry leaders and staying at the top!

Privacy & SPAM policy

Nu-Tank complies with the relevant State and Commonwealth legislation such as the Spam Act 2003. Our communication will always identify our business as Nu-Tank and provide you with the ability to ‘opt out’ of receiving such communication. Nu-Tank does not use address harvesting techniques or provide your personal information to anyone unless we are required to do so by law. For more information about SPAM, visit the Australian Communication Media Authority Website (ACMA).