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Liquids safely on the move

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Over the past few weeks, we have been showcasing Nu-Tank and its managing director Steve Trail.

From the effects of Covid-19 to the importance of a domestic supply chain, and an insight into the smarts of Nu-Tank water tanks and their ongoing innovation for new products including their recent diesel storage solutions. This week we take a look at another market leading product, Nu-Tank liquid transport solutions.

It is one thing to store liquid in a large tank that never moves, but what happens when you need to transport liquid? Nu-Tank’s transport tanks are a single piece tank designed to fit in various vehicle types. With 17 storage sizes available, Nu-Tank transport tanks are the best-dimensioned tanks on the market, perfect for tip trucks, the back of the ute and everything in between. Starting from 400 litres to Australia’s largest single piece rotationally moulded transport tank that can store a whopping 18,000 litres.

Nu-Tank has continued to develop its products whilst maintaining its proud Australian made and owned status. The Nu-Tank clean, strong and reliable reputation continues with the transport range, designed for Australia’s harshest conditions and with safety in mind.

Steve Trail said, “Our transport tanks have to be built real tough because they’re basically storing their own size in weight. So 18,000 litres is 18 tonne. It gets a bit more complex when liquid starts to move around. So if you have 18,000 litres of liquid on the back of a truck and
you move it’s called surging. That liquid sloshing around the tank can be real dangerous unless you’ve got the right equipment.”

Nu-Tank recommends baffle balls, a round hollow sphere released inside the tank, designed to prevent the liquid from surging. Using baffle balls will also reduce unnecessary wear and tear on tyres and brakes and improve your vehicle’s braking and acceleration.

A quick look scroll through some of the customer testimonials reveals just how diverse these transport tanks are. “Our customers use the transport tank for a few main reasons. To transport water, molasses, diesel or fertiliser. We recently build another custom dust suppression and water transfer unit fitted completely with automatic sprayers and water cannons. The list of options available is quite extensive, including slide-on and chassis kits. Our transport range are also made from heavy-duty virgin grade materials. That’s why they meet the relevant Australian standards and come with a 20-year warranty.”

Based in Central Queensland, Nu-Tank manufactures and deliveries its transport tanks Australia wide, with some recently delivered to as far as Western Australia. Farmers love their products but there has also been an increase in civil engineering, mining and government purchases. Nu-Tank is one of the few manufactures in Australia that are compliant for potable water storage. This means the solution is ready for council approval.

Whether you are a cane grower, cattle farmer, miner or hobby farmer, you will enjoy the benefits of an industry-grade product that’s built to last!

Nu-Tank transport tank helping a farmer in drought-stricken Queensland deliver life-saving molasses to their livestock.