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No shortcuts to Nu-Tank’s 13th Birthday

Who is Nu-Tank? A relatively recent name in the polyethylene manufacturing industry, it has quickly made a significant presence not just on TV screens with their ‘knock about’ commercials but in the paddocks throughout outback Queensland. But where did Nu-Tank come from?

This September Nu-Tank will celebrate its 13th birthday, rather surprising when you find out the owner is just 33 years of age.

What makes a 20-year-old want to start his own tank manufacturing business? Well it was the next step for a young man who had already spent 5 years in the business. A second-generation tank manufacturer, Stephen Trail choose a block of land on the outskirts of Rockhampton to build a tank manufacturing factory from scratch.

Right from the start, Steve knew what he wanted his tanks to be known for being “Strong, Clean, Reliable”. The name was also to reflect that this was not another polyethylene tank manufacturer. This business had a new philosophy, no short cuts to be taken, the tanks were made smarter, differently, better & stronger. It wasn’t just a new name in the industry this was a new approach, hence Nu-Tank was the name chosen.

Sixteen-hour workdays for Steve and his small team were easily filled building the ovens, making the tanks, selling and delivering them. The original team has now grown to 34, 3 ovens are now in a shed that has doubled in size, and the delivery fleet now features some of the most energy efficient and technologically advanced trucks available. However, the business remains family owned as does the philosophy, a quality product being paramount.

If you ask Steve what has enabled him to grow the business, the word ‘quality’ keeps recurring. Build a quality product, provide the customer a quality experience, quality presentation of the products; nice words, but when you see the investment Nu-Tank has made in the technology, equipment and training, you realise there is real substance behind the words. There are only 3 manufacturers in Australia that cook their big 10,200 gallon tanks in a computer controlled oven and Nu-Tank is one of them. Many tank manufacturers still cook all their tanks over open flames.

Rural supply dealers in Queensland country towns prefer selling Nu-Tank products, simply because they have little complaints from their clients. As one Dealer commented “why ruin your day selling products that aren’t reliable. We only sell Nu-Tank products and hardly ever hear from the customer, till they want more new tanks, troughs or feeders.”

What’s next for Nu-Tank? Continual improvement is Steve’s response. “You can’t rest on your laurels, there are more opportunities we are exploring with tanks for the storing and distributing of diesel, molasses, dunder, chemicals and fertilisers. We are continually working on processes to make our tanks even better and more useful for the users. Polyethylene is here to stay, you’ll see fewer concrete tanks and troughs as they will get replaced by polyethylene alternatives, but the quality is paramount. Even our small round troughs are made from virgin grade resin, not cheaper, weaker recycled materials that others use. Nu-Tank means quality, whether it is a 50-litre trough or 45,995 litre tank, no shortcuts”, said Steve.

For more information regarding this media release contact Warren Acutt on 1300 36 11 10.