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Nu-Tank gets a visit from Advance Rockhampton

The team from Advance Rockhampton caught up with us in June. Our Managing Director Stephen Trail provided a VIP factory tour of our manufacturing plant.

“Every week we push out about 150 tanks and delivery to most parts of Eastern Australia and the Northern Territory. We also manufacture and supply a range of polyethylene products such as livestock feeders, diesel and industrial tanks. Our manufacturing plan in Rockhampton uses state of the art rotational moulding technology and we are just 1 of 5 in the world to have it.”

Naturally with an operation of this size, there is going to be issues with waste. The facility also has an onsite- recycling plant which recycled approximately 80 Tonnes of plastic waste every year.

Greg Bowden and the team from Advance Rockhampton said Nu-Tank was putting Rocky on the Radar and also supported locals.

For more information about Advance Rockhampton visit

Greg Bowden (Advance Rockhampton) and Stephen Trail (Nu-Tank)