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Our triple guarantee


Quality, service & value for money Nu-Tank strives to achieve its goals with passion and honor also providing satisfaction and this triple guarantee to all our customers.

Quality products Buy with confidence. Our customers are provided with quality storage tanks that are one piece, have no vertical side seams or internal poles which eliminates any potential access points for vermin to enter. Our tanks also boast thicker side walls at the bottom where pressure is greatest. Our resin meets all Australian Standards for food and storage.

Customer service There is nothing more important to our business than providing good customer service to ensure we achieve customer satisfaction. Our friendly staff are always willing to attend to all our customers individual needs. We’re not here to make a sale but instead making sure we supply our customers with a high quality and reliable product with excellent after sales support.

Value for money Our tanks are made from pure virgin grade polyethylene which gives no taste to the water and is environmentally friendly. They are molded consistently at the perfect temperature for the correct amount of time (relative to size and type) which ensures our tanks have the optimal amount of strength and flexibility. Using the latest ‘roto-molding’ technology with our proven design and construction, our tanks are clean, strong and reliable and will stand the test of time.

This means each time you buy a tank, you’ll always get  the same high quality strength and reliability.