Nu-Tank is Queensland’s premium water, diesel, molasses and fertiliser storage supplier. Located in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, with stockists Queensland wide. Nu-Tank specialise in the manufacture of superior polyethylene round tanks, transport tanks, troughs and feeders.



Tank’s are an investment and Nu-Tank, like yourselves, want to know that investment will last. Nu-Tank recognises that your investment is not just the tank but what the tank holds. So we aim to deliver a high quality product built to last, a product that is strong and reliable.

There are 6 things you should always consider when buying a tank and a Nu-Tank ticks everyone.


#1 Australian Made using proven materials

#2 Ribbed Side

#3 Poly Fused
and Welded

#4 Self Supporting

#5 Cooked in
Computerised Ovens

#6 Thicker walls
at the Base

#1 Australian Made using proven materials
Nu-Tank only uses proven food grade materials, BPA free and heavy metal free in the cooking of our tanks, troughs and feeders. UV stabilised, these materials have been proven over time to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions. Nu-Tank will never be tempted to use unproven, materials to make a cheaper product. Not only are we Australian made, nut we are 100% Aussie owned and operated.
#2 Ribbed Side Walls
Imagine if your body didn't have ribs. Ribs protecting your vital organs. Ribs providing strength and structure to your body. It is similar with a tank, ribs ensure the integrity of the tank is sustained. Strength and structure, all contributing to the reliability, you can be confident of getting from Nu-Tank.
#6 Thicker Walls at the base
As a tank is filled, pressure builds within, against the walls, as gravity tries its best to force the stored liquid to spread out, not build upwards. The greatest pressure is towards the base of the tank. The technology Nu-Tank uses in the manufacturing of our tanks allows us to make the walls thicker towards the base. Giving you a tank with thicker walls, where it counts the most. Strength, reliability, are not just words with Nu-Tank, they are at the heart of how your tank is made. All polyethylene tanks are not the same, because they are not manufactured to be the same.
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Make sure your investment ticks all the boxes!

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