Aussie Made

Nu-Tank only uses raw, UV stabilised materials. Materials that have been proven to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions.

Nu-Tank will never use low quality materials.

Ribbed Side Walls

To ensure the integrity of the tank is sustained Nu-Tank design their tank walls to have ribs. Imagine if you didn’t have ribs protecting your vital organs. Ribs in a tank wall offer similar support, where it is needed most.

Getting rid of fitting split is next!

Poly Fused & Welded Outlets

The irony of making a perfect tank is that in order to add a fitting you have to then put a hole in it. This can spell disaster for your tank, especially at the base of the tank where the greatest pressure will be exerted when full. A 10,200 gallon tank can hold up to 70 tonnes of pressure. To keep the tank strong Nu-Tank poly fuse and weld the outlet through the entire thickness of the tank wall. No brass fittings = no fitting split. The result a stronger, more reliable tank holding your most precious asset.

Self Supporting Roof

Over the years it has been common practice in the tank industry to cut the roof off the tank and put a support structure inside the tank to hold the roof up. Otherwise it could, over time, collapse. Many manufacturers continue this outdated practice today. Stating that a tank roof doesn’t require as much support. And while in some cases this might be true, what if something as simple as a tree branch fell on the roof breaking it? What if vermin then used the internal pole to get inside the tank and contaminate the water? What effect could this have on your livestock or yourselves?

All polyethylene tanks are not the same. Nu-Tank’s self supporting roof doesn’t use internal support structure, it is what Nu-Tank puts into their walls that makes them superiorly different;

A cleaner, stronger and more reliable product everytime.


Cooked in Computerised Ovens

Quality technology isn’t something that all tank manufacturers have in common. At the time of writing, Nu-Tank are one of 3 tank manufacturers Australia wide and the only tank manufacturer in Queensland that has the capacity to make a 10,200 gallon tank in a computerised oven. If your not buying Nu-Tank, you’re buying tanks made over open fires and just like camp cooking it is hard to maintain consistency over an open fire. Do you really want a tank with parts of it over or under cooked?

Thicker Walls at the Base

As previously mentioned, there is a lot of pressure built up inside a tank, attacking any weak spots. Nu-Tank not only add more material during their manufacturing process, they control their computerised ovens to ensure the tank is made thicker towards the base of the tank. Giving you thicker walls where it counts and a heavy duty construction that will stand the test of time.

Nu-Tank Water Tanks pass the 6 point checklist.