Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I buy a Nu-Tank poly tank over other Brands?

There are 6 (if not more) very important reasons why you should choose a Nu-Tank Poly Tank … Click here to read them…

Can I drink tank water?

As our tanks are made from food grade materials, our tanks are suited for storing potable grade drinking water.

Your local council makes rulings or recommendations on this question. Please check with your Council. If your Council does permit human consumption of stored rain water.

Ensure the water is kept clean as possible, by keeping your gutters and the top of the strainer clean. Ensure there is a light guard under the strainer and that it is kept in good condition. Sunlight causes algae growth in still water. Continue to monitor water quality, and flush the tank of sediment when needed.

Can I use tank water in the house?

Your local council makes rulings or recommendations on this question. Please check with your Council. If your Council does permit rain water tanks to be connected to your house, you need to consider how and how much you are going to use. As rule of thumb you’ll need 5000 gallons (22700 litres) for the house and 5000 gallons for each person regularly residing in the house. Babies usually increase the demand for water, particularly if the washing machine is connected to the rain water tank.

What can tank water be used for around the house?

Watering the garden, washing your vehicles, filling the pool, washing pets, cleaning external windows, you would be amazed how much water you would use, and if connected to town water, pay for, doing these regular tasks. A rain water tank would provide you with free water, water as nature intended, free of chlorine and any other additives.

Grey water tanks, is that water good for my garden?

Before dispersing grey water in your yard and garden, you should get it tested. Plants and grasses can be sensitive to ph changes in the water they receive. What may be okay for your grass, may not be suitable for your garden, or all the plants in it.    

What do I need to do to prepare for my tank delivery?

Great question – here is our Delivery Guide

Does my Nu-Tank poly tank come with a Warranty?

It certainly does (with the exception of a 2nd’s tank). For more warranty information click here.

What is the advantage to buying a poly tank over a steel tank?

While steel tanks are typically large and more permanent fixtures, a poly tank is the complete opposite, being in a range of styles and sizes there is more variety to suit any area. The added benefit is that a poly tank can be easily relocated once empty and are very cost effective. A poly tank will also never rust or corrode.

However if our massive 10,200 Gallon tank still isn’t big enough we do steel tanks too.

Will Nu-Tank install my tank?

Nu-Tank does not offer installation services, we recommend getting your local plumber in to assess the area and offer their professional advice when it comes to installing your tank.

Can you conduct a site visit to my property?

Unfortunately we are not in a position to assist with requests for onsite consultation. Whilst we are certainly happy to arrange for the sale and delivery of rainwater tanks, if a site visit is required we recommend you engage the services of a licensed plumber local to your area, who will be able to offer guidance on the best place to install your tank.