What size pump do I need?

Got the tank, it is full of water, but how do I get the water to where I want to use it?

There is of course no easy answer to this question. Gravity feed is one answer, good if gravity is working with you, not when it is against you. But will gravity alone be enough? A pump is often needed. But how big? There are many variables to consider. Including distance from source to use, thickness of hose, pressure required for purpose, if more than one use is happening at the same time. Then there is how much water have you got to use. A half hour sprinkling the grass using a 58 litre per minute pump (lpm) will require less water than a 100 lpm pump. (Around 1260 litres less.)

The bigger the number of outlets and pressure desired the bigger the pump required is the general rule. A 58 lpm would be suitable for watering the garden and washing the car, even at the same time, for example. Or for a small cabin or granny flat normally occupied by one person. A small house with 3 to 4 people normally occupying it could manage with an 80 lpm pump, but find a 110 lpm pump more ideal. A large double storey home with over 4 regular occupants would probably require at least a 120 lpm pump.

Pumping water from the tank to the outlet(s), may not be the only pump you require. Specific pumps for grey water, the pool, under the sink, hot water, even a fire fighter pump may also need to be considered.

Do your research and plan ahead, a good pump should provide years of service, ensure it is big enough for not just what you have, but what you plan to have.

Nu-Tank sells pumps suitable for connection to above ground tanks. We can recommend what size you need, but only from the information you provide. The more detiled the information the more helpful our recommendation will be.