The Nu-Tank story started in 2008, on a bare block of land in Parkhurst, Queensland. On September 30 that year the very first tank came out of the oven and a customer turned up, unannounced, ready to buy it. A good sign, as it meant that this family owned business now had a ready-made sale for their second tank too, the customer who ordered the first one.

In those early days when you asked to speak to the boss, you were directed to a young person who had just finished using a rattler to secure a tank mould in the oven, or jumped out of a delivery truck. Because that what Steve did, as well as help build the oven, design the moulds and sell the tanks. Hands on experience and having previously worked in industry would give this business an edge, we not only knew how to build markedly superior tanks; we set out from the start to do it.

More resin, no roof supporting poles, computer controlled ovens, walls that got thicker closer to the base and a poly fused and welded outlet.

Not just stronger tanks, but smarter made tanks.

Fitting split, the curse of many tanks with brass outlets, was to be eliminated with a high density polyethylene outlet professionally fitted at the factory, fused from the inside wall and then welded on the outside.

Poly banding on our huge 10,200 gallon tanks, creating outward ribs that are an additional 40% thicker than the wall, more than enough to hold 46 tonnes of pressure.

Stronger, cleaner, more reliable; has been the continual catch cry since 2008. Continual innovation has been the enabler.

Tanks, troughs, feeders are not just products, they are assets that help you improve your liveability and often viability. Don’t just get any polyethylene tank, trough or feeder, get the ones that are Queensland made and bred, superior by design. Demand Nu-Tank. 

Family Owned

Queensland Manufacturer