Nu-Tank is a polyethylene manufacturing company servicing Queensland with high quality water tanks, molasses tanks and a LARGE range of ASSOCIATED products, accessories and pumps.

Nu-Tanks’ mission is to become the premier supplier of water tanks in Queensland, and with our innovative and honourable business practices we believe we are on the right track.

We are constantly innovating to improve the quality of products that you, the customer, receives.

One of our major features is that all our fittings are poly fused and welded into the bottom of the tank. This brings our tank standards to an industrial grade. On other tanks a hole is cut in the bottom of the tank and a brass fitting is placed. The bottom of the tank is where the most pressure of the tank is and the water pressure tries to push the fitting out of the tank.

Our competitors use brass outlets which have been known to cause a weak spot in the tank. Often this presents itself as a small crack above or below the brass fitting which can cause the tank to leak. Nu-Tank’s poly welded fittings are fused into the tank, eliminating any chance of a leak.

As a second generation tank manufacturing family, Nu-Tank have over 25 years of industry experience. We were born and bred in the tank industry which ensures we are adaptable to customers’ needs and wants and treat them with the old fashion values. Our product and customer service quality are second to none. You deserve clean, strong and reliable tanks so don’t settle for anything less than a Nu-Tank!

Happy Nu-Tank Customers