The State of Origin Tank Style!

Nu-Tank is a proud Queensland family owned and run business. And it is felt that the majority of our customers are proud Queenslanders too. This passion being most obvious during the NRL State of Origin series.

Instead of just saying Nu-Tank is a proud Queenslander, we wanted to demonstrate it and decided to manufacture a special maroon coloured tank. Something rarely done by any tank manufacturer, as it doesn’t match your typical Colorbond colours, to ‘blend’ in with the shed.

Thinking just making a maroon coloured tank would not be enough, in the spirit of the ‘let’s get the next one’ TV commercial produced 2 years earlier and the passionate competitive nature of Queenslanders we decided to put the maroon tank through some tests and the ultimate way to be tested, 3 tests against a blue tank.

Tank Games was on the drawing board. Three (3) games were thoughtfully created, a tug of war, sprint and a duel. The results more decisive than the 2023 State of Origin series. The 3 TV commercials a demonstration of Queensland passion. Something Nu-Tanks encompasses in every tank, trough, feeder, on-farm diesel storage and fire fighter unit we make – Nu-Tank the Queensland tank.

For a full break down of the showdown watch the full videos below.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3