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Nu-Tank’s Mini Water Tanks are tough! In fact we are known for it (Did you see the video?). Australia is known for being a hard climate, one week it could be flooded, the next your road could be melting, so Nu-Tank knows we have to make a product that is going to last!

Our Polyethylene Water Tanks pass what we call the 6 Point checklist (a checklist you should use before buying any water tank). They come with a fully self supported roof with absolutely no internal poles or frames. Thicker walls at the base of the tank, where the greatest pressure is. Ribbed side walls for extra strength (just like the human body). Poly fused and welded fittings, making the fitting one single piece with the tank, leaving nowhere for fitting split to occur. Manufactured in computerised ovens for an even baking process and most importantly of all made using proven materials that are food grade, BPA and heavy metal free.

A Nu-Tank is strong and reliable just the way they should be.

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