1,200L Wheel Lick Feeder


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Dimensions L 2060 x W 2060 x H 820 mm

All dimensions may vary by + or – 3%


What an amazing design! This feeder allows you to stop your cattle from gorging and protects your feed from the elements. As is with all Nu-Tank feeders the Nu-Tank Wheel Lick Feeder is of heavy duty construction made from proven materials that are BPA and Heavy Metal free. The Nu-Tank Wheel Lick Feeders feature 4 wheels that move side to side, in the natural licking motion of cattle, from the very bottom of the feeder to the top ensuring all feed can be consumed.

This design is also convenient for the farmer, made in a natural colour so that you can see the level of feed from afar, and an easy to fill access point.

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Prevents weather damage of product
  • Raised trough centre (lick drains to wheels)
  • Side fill point (easy access)
  • 4x Licker wheels (allows more livestock to feed at once)
  • Wheels run sideways (livestocks natural licking motion)
  • Wheels run completely to bottom of trough (using up entire product – no product waste)
  • Manufactured from proven UV stabilised Australian standard materials (tested in the field for over 25 years)



*Inclusions may change without notice, check with sales prior to ordering


* BPA and Heavy Metal Free pertains to the polyethylene components only.

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