6,000L Diesel Slip On Unit w/Honda GX25 120LPM – Alloy Frame


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Dimensions L 3280 x W 1910 x H 1820 mm

All dimensions may vary by + or – 3%


This Diesel Slip On Unit comes with everything you need in a large portable diesel tank. A heavy duty alloy frame (steel frame option available) with fork points for ease of handling when empty, an earth strap to prevent anti-static build up, a Honda pump and comes fully baffled for stability, braking and overall safety when in use.


  • Lightweight alloy frame
  • Fork points (for ease of handling)
  • Heavy duty Diesel grade tank (material complies with AS1940-2017 and AS 2809.2-2020)
  • Fully baffled for braking, stability and overall safety when in use
  • Earth strap to prevent anti-static build up when filling or dispensing
  • 120L/pm Honda GX25 pump with 10m Spring Rewind Reel and auto shut-off nozzle.


*Inclusions may change without notice, check with sales prior to ordering


Diesel has a higher specific gravity score than water. Therefore Diesel Slip On tanks have to be specifically made to securely transport Diesel. Nu-Tank Diesel Slip On tanks are made to store liquids with a specific gravity of up to 1.2. This is more then what is required to safely transfer and store your Diesel.

* BPA and Heavy Metal Free pertains to the polyethylene components only.

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