Steel Liner Tanks

How much stored water is enough?

Everyone will have a different answer. If your answer is, ‘you can never have enough’, then a steel liner tank might be the best solution for you.

The sizes

Nu-Tank can supply and install steel liner tanks from 27,396 litres, right up 353,947 litres. With 22 size variations, between. The bigger in size the more attractive the price per litre, and the advantage over buying multiple polyethylene tanks.

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Receive a 126L Tropical Ice Box. Only 8 Available. T&C's Apply


The Profiles and Colours

Choose from either a corrugated profile or a streamline one. There are different size options for each profile. Both are made with genuine BlueScope steel and available in Zincalume® or Colorbond® colours.

*Not all colours available for both Streamline and Corrugated range.

Slate Grey / Woodland Grey™

Birch Grey / Dune™

Smooth Cream /
Classic Cream™

Merino / Paperbark™

Mist Green / Pale Eucalypt™



Metal Grey / Ironstone™

Mountain Blue / Deep Ocean™



Our price includes supply and installation, at your site, by our qualified and experienced installers.*

Your steel liner tank will arrive on your site as a kit. It is recommended that it is only installed by qualified and experienced installers. Proper layout of the liner and positioning of the walls is essential to get full warranty coverage. Plus, most importantly, safely securing the stored water. Erosion control measures, vermin proofing and corrosion protection all need to be considered. in the installation, to ensure trouble free usage for years to come.

The Liner

Arguably the most important part of your steel liner tank, is the liner. It not only needs to be super strong, but BPA free, lead and phthalate free, water potable certified, chemical and stress crack resistant, plus able to withstand harsh conditions, -40°C to +70°C, and we can say the liner we use is all this and is proudly Australian made. A unique 7 layer liner made to the highest quality.

Pad Preparation

Your steel liner tank arrives as a kit. Installation starts with the proper preparation of the pad on which it will sit. This is the responsibility of the owner.
Use sand or crusher dust for the pad, to a depth of at least 150mm, compacted to a minimum capacity of 50kPa. Ensure there are no sharp objects in the pad. The pad is to be at least 2 metres wider than the diameter of the tank. If using crusher dust, ensured it is screed, removing anything over 5mm long. A geotextile covering over the crusher dust is recommended. It is essential that the pad is level.
Once tank is installed, the owner is responsible for adding at least 300mm of water into the tank. This helps correctly position the liner and provides weight, should strong winds eventuate.
To prevent erosion of the sand, around the tank, from overflow from the roof, blue metal or aggregate should be spread, 75mm thick, 40mm wide around the whole tank, to handle the drainage.

Inclusions & Extras

Your steel liner tank from Nu-Tank comes with an inlet, 50mm outlet, with ball valve, removable internal/external ladder, lockable access hatch, 100mm bell mouth overflow, magnesium anodes for corrosion protection, Hiflow deep leaf basket and a 20 year warranty*.

Options include a tank level gauge, dust and vermin proofing seal, 50mm scour drain, firefighting outlets, 150mm bell mouth overflow as well as additional inlets, outlets and valves. Have it set up the way you want it.

Our quote includes installation at your site, by qualified, experienced installers*.

Wise Decision

The decision to buy a steel liner tank is a wise one. Capturing and storing more water. It is hoped the above information has been of help. If you like any further information please call us during work hours on 1300 36 11 10 or send a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Terms & Conditions for 126L Tropical Ice Box Offer.

The 126 litre ice box is supplied only after full payment of the tank has been made.

Only 8 of these ice boxes are being offered.

After the 8×126 litre ice boxes are spoken for, Nu-Tank reserves the right to offer a smaller size ice box to subsequent customers.


Nu-Tank - A family owned, regional Queensland Manufacturer

Nu-Tank sold its first water tank on the 30th September, 2008. In the years since we have been broadening and improving our product range, to provide the highest quality liquid storage and dissemination solutions.

The owners of Nu-Tank believed 15 years ago, and still do today, if you build a better, more reliable product, word of mouth will be your best marketing and your business will grow stronger for it.

*Installations done in most parts of Central (Bundaberg to Bowen) & Western Queensland.