Queensland's Toughest Tanks

Let's Get the Next One!

How do you advertise a water tank? The formula says you’ve got to have key words like, ‘tough, strong, Australian made, reliable’, and show a tank beside a house, shed, out in the field. That’s the standard kind of stuff, most tank manufacturers say and do, accentuating the falsehood to customers that all tanks are the same. Because their advertising looks the same.

As Nu-tank’s Tanks are different we needed a TV commercial that was different too.

You can’t always deliver a tank right at the pad. Be it safety reasons, access issues, pad not completed, etc. Which sometimes leads to imaginative ways to move the tank.

One way we became aware of, particularly if just a short distance and the ground has been cleared of rocks and sticks, is to gently drag, nudge the tank into position with the assistance of a trayback ute.

Let’s take that an extra step we thought, a big extra step, and the concept of “Let’s Get the Next One” started taking shape.

With the script sorted, safety preparations completed, shooting of the TV commercial commenced. But as growing confidence, both of the driver and in the tank, started to mix with adrenalin, the script became more of a guide, as speed of the towing increased and the route to the pad became longer and more challenging.

The result, a TV commercial that people at Field Days come up to the Nu-Tank display wanting to talk about it. A viral hit on social media, getting comments from as far as Victoria. Competitors referencing our content in their advertising. And a unique way to show how tough our tanks are.

Only one tank was used in the entire shoot. A tank still holding water at Byfield, admittedly with some battle scars.

Of course there wasn’t only one star in that commercial, along with the tank were Marto and Simone. Marto, John Martin, was a colourful local identity, known for his entertaining and engaging way he would relate to his audience as he sang nearly any song you could request of him. We all miss you Marto, thank you for agreeing to do the TV commercial, the fun memories from it will always be treasured.