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Meet the tank that survived Cyclone Marcia

Marto and Genevine have owned and operated Ferns Hideaway for almost 30 years. They originally came to the property to raise their children. The area is surrounded by majestic mountains, forest, wildlife and pristine waterways.

On the 21st February 2015, Cyclone Marcia flattened the Byfield area. The category 5 cyclone went straight across Ferns Hideaway before heading in the direction of Rockhampton.

When we caught up with Marto, he said “Everything got damaged. Towers, Satellite dishes, 70 sheets of iron blew away. Insurance didn’t help us because it was named a Cyclone and wasn’t a storm prior to it. If we paid a premium of $50,000 up front, we would have been right. But who’s got that type of money laying around in small business? Those mountains that you can see out there, we couldn’t see them for 37 years. This entire area was full canopy.”

Despite the damage and despair, there was a tank that withstood the force of a category 5 cyclone and the tree that feel on it.

“The tank was like a scone when you first put it in the oven. It was flat with a tree on it. We cut the tree off and then the tank started to raise. Other than a few minor battle scars from the Cyclone and tree, it’s still a perfect tank. I hate dishonest ads but this isn’t an ad. It’s a genuine testimonial on why Nu-Tank water tanks are clean, strong and reliable.