Storage and Transport Solutions

In Tanks purposely made for Molasses
To handle the Volume
To handle the Extra Weight
To handle the Extra Internal Pressure
PLUS includes a safety factor

MOLASSES Transport

From 400 litres to a massive 18000 litres, Nu-Tank manufacture 21 different sized heavy duty molasses transport, cartage, tanks. Catering for the hobby farmer, right up to the commercial transporter. All our transport tanks cooked are in computer controlled ovens. Not every tank manufacturer can claim that, some not having made the investment, still using open flame cooking.

These tanks are specifically made to cart molasses. Made with more raw materials to thicken the walls. Nu-Tank’s transport/cartage tanks are rated at SG1.6. And can be upgraded to SG2.0. Important when taking into consideration the extra stress carting molasses has on a tank.

A sump option is available on 13 of the tank sizes and baffles balls, to stop surge when moving, can be included.

The tank comes standard with secure mounting points in each leg and a spill prevention shroud with a 455mm hinged lid. Stainless steel lid is optional.

Standard Inclusions

Hinged Lid
Welded Stub Flange¹
Galvanised Steel Mounting Pins


From 5000 litres (1100 gallons) to nearly 46000 litres (10200 gallons), Nu-Tank manufacture 10 different sized molasses storage tanks, all in computer controlled ovens. Not every tank manufacturer can claim that, some not having made the investment, still using open flame cooking.

These tanks are specifically made to store molasses. Thicker, ribbed, walls designed to hold the greater weight of molasses (than water). Molasses has a specific gravity score of around 1.4, (water SG1.0), Nu-Tank’s molasses tanks are rated at SG1.6, with the option of being able to be upgraded to SG2.0. Plus, being cooked in computer controlled ovens, the rotation is programmed so that the walls are made even thicker at the base, where the greatest internal pressure will be exerted.

The tanks include a centre vent and a 3”, 4” or 6” stub flange as standard.

Standard Inclusions

Screwcap Manhole
Centre Vent
Stub Flange
Butterfly Valve


It’s no secret, once cattle get the taste for molasses they love it, gorge it if possible. Which, if poured into open troughs, can prove an expensive way to feed cattle.

If you are wanting a molasses (or dunder) feeder that stops gorging and keeps it protected from the rain, Nu-Tank’s wet lick feeders are the answer.

Heavy duty constructed to take the knocks, cattle have to work to get to the molasses. 4 licker wheels are the access points to the covered molasses. The wheels are mounted sideways to mimic cattle’s natural licking motion. As the cattle lick, the wheel turns through the stored molasses, some sticking to the wheel encouraging the cattle to keep licking.

The raised centre ensures the molasses drains to the walls where the wheels are. Meaning minimal molasses is left over.

Available as a 600 or 1200 litre feeder, Nu-Tank’s wet lick feeders are made with virgin grade, food grade, materials, BPA and heavy metal free.  

Standard Inclusions

Screw Lid
Licker Wheels x 4


“Practically unbreakable”, not our marketing pitch, just what our clients have said about these molasses troughs. And there is a specific reason why this gets said.

Made with a unique anti-crack lip design, our molasses troughs, like all our polyethylene products, are only made with virgin grade, BPA and heavy metal free materials. The importance in using only virgin grade materials, is the integral strength of the polyethylene molecular structure is not compromised. Virgin grade polyethylene maintains its integral strength, reused polyethylene does not. Beware, not all troughs are made with virgin grade materials.

Available in 11 sizes, from the handy, it can go with you, 50 litre trough to the 2500 litre, with the 2.5 metre diameter. 5 of these sizes come with our patented safety tread floor. Not so nice to sit on, if you are thinking of using them to cool down in after a day working, but the safety tread can save your livestock, should one find itself nudged into the trough. Providing grip for the animal its panic to get out of the slippery molasses.

Stackable for transport and storage, with stops moulded in the base to stop suction, Nu-Tank’s molasses troughs are easily relocatable and will always be useful around the property, even if it is to cool off in after a day’s work, or for a flower bed.


Nu-Tank, a polyethylene manufacturer, commenced in 2008. Owned by a regional Queensland family, a commitment was made from the start to manufacture quality products. Using food grade materials, BPA free and heavy metal free. A significant investment was made to use computer controlled ovens, not an open flame to effectively cook the tank inside its ribbed (more expensive to produce) mould.

And, that more raw materials be used in each tank to provide a self-supporting roof, not a flimsy one propped up by an internal pole. Plus, with having a computer control the ‘cooking’, use the extra raw materials to make the walls of the tank thicker at the base of the tank, where the most pressure is exerted from the stored water.

The owners of Nu-Tank believed 15 years ago, and still do today, if you build a better, more reliable product, word of mouth will be your best marketing and your business will grow stronger for it.